New Review of Just Evil

The blogspot A Whisper of Thoughts gave Just Evil 4.75 Stars out of 5!!

This is what she had to say about Just Evil:

Wow. I’m not much of a mystery/thriller reader but this was one exception I am glad I stumbled across. There was so much going on in this story, taking me from surprise again and again and again. I can’t reveal too much except that I am so glad this is a series because I cannot wait to read the next story.

Each time I heard what Alana did to her daughter Kit, I felt a pang of sadness, anger and fear because Vickie got this right, Alana was pure evil. It was heart-wrenching how it was possible for someone to be that cruel to their child. It scares me to think that there might actually be parents out there like that. I can understand the concept of abusive parents to some extent but some of the things Alana did were really, I don’t know of a better word, spiteful. It’s like she was taking her anger out on the child and I still cannot understand her motive or reasoning.

Kit’s and Jake’s friends were brilliant. I liked each one of them and found all of their loyalties, and sudden defensiveness on behalf of their friends entertaining. Especially how everytime someone upset Kit, Baylee and Quinn would immediately attack!

Although I have read some great reads in the past few months, Just Evil will be one of my favourites from 2013

6 thoughts on “New Review of Just Evil

  1. Hey Whisper. Nice review. There is something about the first book that makes it extra, extra special, but the whole series just blew me away. You are not going to be disappointed. It is definitely a set of books (or ebooks) that you will pull out to read again and again. I was depressed for a couple of weeks after I finished it. ^_^ Happy Reading.

      • Would I? Oh, yes I would love to have a one. It looks like you are embarking on another series of books to wow me with. I love the cover. I will be really curious to see the cover for The Bones Will Tell. Let me know if you do a cover reveal for it and I will post it on my blog. Thanks!!!!

      • I prefer Mobi, but I think pdf converts over to my Kindle Fire okay. Thanks again.I will be eagerly looking for it and will have to bump it up on my list. SHHH Don’t tell anyone. ^_^

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