After only two months and my first blogger award!!!!

Blogger Award

That’s right, only two months in and I’ve received my first blogger award! Woot!!! If you missed the ceremony, here’s a quick recap. The room was packed with celebrities. Johnny Depp sat on my right. George Clooney to my left. I wore my little black dress and when my name was called out, even though I was nervous and did not want to leave Johnny and George, I managed to make my way up the steps and onto the stage without falling down! Major points for me since I usually dont wear shoes! They handed me a gold plaque, yes gold, people!! I had not rehearsed my speech, so I just ad-libbed and spoke from my heart. “I want to start by thanking my third grade teacher…”

Anyway, I’ve been challenged to name three traits I love and hate about myself by Sherry Fundin who tagged me from her blog. So here goes:

One: I love the fact that I’m open-minded. I usually don’t judge people. I try to give everyone a chance. I’ve gotten burned badly a couple of times because of it, but I still feel this is one of my strongest traits. I see the positive things in people until they show me different. It doesn’t always work out but it’s best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Little angel

Saint Vickie

On the flip side of that, I hate it when people are mean or lie or are abrupt for no reason. In my younger days I used to be fairly laid back. But now that I’m getting older, I’ve noticed I’m unwilling to sit back and be anyone’s doormat. I’m getting more and more outspoken about rudeness, too. My epiphany is fairly recent, as recent as last fall. So, you have now been fair-warned. 🙂

Two: I love the ocean, its sights and smells. The tides moving in and out. It’s one of the reasons I live where I live. It’s one of the reasons I write where I write. It’s one of the reasons I set my books near the water. Even Skye Cree and Josh Ander will be making trips to the San Juans in future books.

I love nature and spending time outdoors. Just take a peek some time at my Pinterest boards and you’ll see what I mean.
Couple on the beach

I hate the way people treat the beach or any other natural setting. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Okay, it’s more than that. I get irate when I see people litter some beautiful spot, whether it’s in the mountains around Big Bear, or the coastline around Big Sur, or twenty yards from my little hovel on the sand. Is it so difficult to take five extra minutes to find a trash can to toss that Burger King sack and NOT leave it where you just enjoyed a sunset? My backyard should NOT be used as a garbage dump! Every time you litter the beach, you could be putting marine life at risk!

Turtle caught up in plastic

Three: I love books!! Yes, I’m a book nerd. Sue me. I love stories. I love entering worlds of fantasy. I love going places that exist only because someone took the time to create them. I love discovering these new worlds that writers make possible with words forming an image in my head that only I see thanks to their brilliant minds and talent. Not only that, I love making stuff up, too. Funny how my mother didn’t always appreciate my made up stories.

I hate the way people don’t read as much as they used to. When I ask people I meet now what genre they prefer, you wouldn’t believe how many tell me they don’t read at all. At all. How is that even possible? I even had a teacher tell me she didn’t have time to read. Huh? True story. They’re usually embarrassed to admit it. I can tell. They usually proceed to make excuses. They don’t have enough time is a favorite go-to one. But really, what reason is there not to read? Reading opens up new worlds. It opens your mind to different viewpoints. Books are just dreams on a printed page. Why on earth would you not make the time to dream about far off places you haven’t been to yet? Or meet characters you’ve never met before?

Confucius You cannot open a book

But what do I know? I’m living most of the life in my own fantasy world with the strange voices in my head for company. I crawl out of my writer’s cave only long enough to get a little sunlight every now and again and bitch at the world for no good reason. (Please refer to the angel image above.)

Seriously, though, one last note. To all the writers out there. Don’t ever give up. EVER! The great thing about publishing these days is people own Kindles. What’s that got to do with anything you ask? Well, keep this in mind, you haven’t really arrived until you’ve been archived. 🙂


5 thoughts on “After only two months and my first blogger award!!!!

    • Sure. I checked out your blog and loved it! So you’re off to creative writing class? Good for you! I suggested someone do that and they bit my head off! I absolutely LOVED my creative writing classes. A bit of hard work now and again but for the most part I enjoyed them. I think you will, too! The most important thing to remember is have fun with them.

  1. Hi Vickie. Awesome post. I knew you would write something that would make me feel good. I agree with everything you said. Jealous that you live right on the water, but I do have a pool for when I can’t get to the beach. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Well, I meant to ask, should I mention you? I wasn’t sure. I’ll add the link to your blog now. Sorry, I forgot. I’m not used to rubbing elbows with celebs and I kinda got sidetracked. 🙂

      • I might have forgot to mention that. Celebs? LOL. Thanks for adding the link. Have a great day!!!

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