No bad boys here

Classic nerdI love getting mail from readers. Thank God you take the time to message and email me!!! The other day a reader asked why I don’t write about bad boys in my books. It wasn’t the first time for this question to come up. So it got me to thinking I should probably tell you the reason…

I ran through my bad boy stage early like any normal hormone-raging female until it literally petered out. And yeah, his name was Pete. Pete was the typical, self-centered prick who thought he was God’s gift to the opposite sex. On any given day, Pete expected the women in his life (girlfriend, co-workers sister, mother, aunt, etc. It didn’t matter) to tell him how great he was at…something. The problem with that, for the most part, Pete wasn’t all that great at anything.

Now I know most romance novels featuring the typical bad boy has the said bad guy possessing some kind of redeeming quality about him so that the female lead will fall head over heels in love at the end of the book and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Pete had no such positive features. His only value was that he was exceptionally attractive, gorgeous green eyes, black hair, with a body that showed how much time he spent at the gym. (Okay, I was young, immature, and shallow.)

But after Pete and I split, I decided to do a little inventory. I realized I was drawn to geeks, nerds, artist types, writers, musicians, that type of personality. But somewhere in the back of my mind I’d decided those guys usually intimidated me. After all, they were smart, talented, motivated, and some even serious-minded. But because of my epiphany, I set out to start approaching my “type” more often. It worked. I discovered a whole new type of guy I could connect with. Wow, that sounds just like a commercial for eHarmony. The point is, I write about what I know. Sure you can find a geeky “bad guy,” or a “bad guy” musician. But for the most part, that creative spirit is a like-mindedness you just can’t beat when it comes to a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

The men I write about aren’t perfect by any stretch. They come with baggage, all different kinds, but I wouldn’t call them the typical “bad boys.” Jake, Dylan, Reese, Nick, Ethan, Cord, Josh, and now Logan are all guys with unique problems. This to me is what makes the story pop when it comes to something other than the run of the mill type guy.

Anyway, I think that’s why I write about geeky programmers, nerd lawyers, artists, gamers, bankers, writers, and ex-soldiers at the brink of falling apart or going through difficult times.

People say write what you know. I say, bad boys had their place once upon a time. But because I moved on eons ago, I’m happy with my geeky, hunky nerds. And there are plenty out there in real life.  I ought to know I snagged one for myself. Yesssssssss!!!!

4 thoughts on “No bad boys here

  1. Geeky, hunky nerds – who also intelligent, sexy, athletic, successful, passionate, devoted, loving and creative. The list goes on and on. Give me one of these guys anytime.

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