Lighthouse Reef available on Amazon!!

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Book Four of the series is here. Welcome back to Pelican Pointe, the hometown of soldier, Scott Phillips. Drop by Murphy’s Market for a free cup of coffee and a muffin. Have lunch at the Hilltop Diner and sample Margie’s award-winning apple pie. Stop in at Hidden Moon Bay Books to get an autographed copy of newly published author, Ethan Cody’s latest book. And don’t forget to make reservations to stay at the Promise Cove B & B with Nick and Jordan.

♥♥ Meet Logan Donnelly and Kinsey Wyatt. ♥♥

Bubbly, go-getter Kinsey Wyatt is determined to prove she’s more than capable of taking over Aaron Hartley’s law practice. She’s only been in town a short time herself when she meets the newest arrival, the surly, sculptor Logan Donnelly. She’s far from impressed with the arrogant, secretive man. Right from the start, they clash over most everything, including the fact Logan wants to be left alone. No one knows he’s returned to a town he hates. But since he’s bought the Smuggler’s Bay Lighthouse in hopes of restoring it to the way it was, it’s a little difficult for him to hire help while ignoring the entire town. Through it all, Kinsey keeps wearing him down, making him want things he shouldn’t want, at least not in this town. But fate has a way of calling the shots when he least expects it. When Kinsey learns what he’s hiding–it will pull both of them into Pelican Pointe’s disturbing past–a past that brings secrets creeping from the shadows around lighthouse reef.



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