A Baby Boy Once Came to Me

Candle of Memory

by Vickie McKeehan

A baby boy once came to me
In white and blue and all things gold.
He had ten little fingers and ten little toes
My heart was quickly lost all told.
He walked at one
At two he grew
He laughed and played
And others knew
That time’s too short, as it so often is.
For wherever he lived, joy grew there
Every time he put his hand in mine.
His smile could make me walk on air
When we were in it all alone.
But joy was brief.
The anger long.
There was nothing I wanted more
Than to keep him with me safe and strong
For all the ages to adore.
What others have, I know not that
And never will.
They’ll be no children of his for me to dote.
But his face I see as if he never left.
He’s in my heart where he lives there still
Happy and bright that little boy that came to me
And made my life so much more
Than it ever, ever was meant to be.


About vickiemckeehan

Author of 22 novels. Lover of books, the ocean, and animals. My website: http://www.vickiemckeehan.com/ If you follow my blog, chances are, I'll follow yours. vickiemckeehan.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to A Baby Boy Once Came to Me

  1. Hi Vickie. That was so touching. I didn’t know whether to smile or cry. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just could not hit the “like” on this one. A very moving tribute to a lost child. The thought;
    “There was nothing I wanted more
    Than to keep him with me safe and strong
    For all the ages to adore.” Speaks to the natural desire of parenthood and the source of deeper pain

    • John, I just now read your comment. You don’t have to “like” the post. I certainly didn’t “like” writing it. By writing and posting this it was not my intent to WEIRD anyone out or make them feel “uncomfortable” in anyway. However posting it, writing it, helped me get through a rough couple of days last weekend which included the anniversary. Because what I do is write, whether sad or happy, it’s a natural expression of who I am and what I’ve been through in life. I appreciate your comment more than you could possibly know. You obvioulsy got the heartfelt sentiment that was meant.

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