Featuring Author David C. Cassidy … Brilliance at its best!

He writes thrilling narrative. He designs amazing book covers. .
David C. Cassidy…


Today, I am honored to feature the amazing and talented author, David C. Cassidy, and introduce his new release, FOSGATE’S GAME, an Alfred Hitchcock-type  novella. Not only did he write this superb supernatural thriller; he designed the amazing cover, as wellCheck out some of the early reviews of this awesome story:

“After reading many self- published books I had almost given up on finding a story that had actually earned the title of ‘literature’ until I came across this novella” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“In my review for Velvet Rain, I referred to Cassidy as a master puppeteer, due to his ability to elicit strong emotion from his readers. Fosgate’s Game is further testament of his skill to capture his audience and move them through scenes like chess pieces.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

buy-thumb-fosgates-gameTo buy Fosgate’s Game:

Amazon US

Amazon UK



Compared to Stephen King and…

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