Take a look around Pelican Pointe, CA!!

For those of you who don’t know me I write the Pelican Pointe series of books. Pelican Pointe, California is the hometown of Scott Phillips, a soldier who didn’t make it back from the war in Iraq.

At least once a week, I receive an email from someone wanting to know if my little town is based on a real place. Even though the town exists only in my head, I see it as vivid as if it actually existed. But like many small towns, it has all the basic elements to make you feel right at home. You won’t find fast food here. But you can get a piece of homemade apple pie at the Hilltop Diner and catch up on the latest gossip. Stop by Hidden Moon Bay Books to pick up a copy of Ethan Cody’s latest mystery. If Murphy’s Market hasn’t stocked what you’re looking for, I’m sure Murphy will be happy to order it for you. From Scott’s beloved bed and breakfast at Promise Cove to Keegan Fanning’s Marine Rescue Center, I like to think it’s the people who live here that make it unique and special.

After answering the last of several recent emails though, I realized that while I have the town ingrained in my brain, it might not be that way for every reader. For that reason, I decided to draw a map to help you better see what I see when I sit down to create the next book in the series. The only problem with that is I can’t draPelican Pointe Map draft2w. So I enlisted an artist by the name of Jess Johnson to help me. Jess took my rendition, which was a hand-drawn, pitiful mess, and turned it into a map that hopefully gives you an idea of the layout of Pelican Pointe. Thank you, Jess!!

So for all those readers who have read the first four books in the series and wondered, and for all those readers yet to find their way here, I welcome you to finally look around Pelican Pointe, California, population…well, let’s just say, the little town keeps growing.

And as long as Pelican Pointe holds your interest, as long as you keep coming back to get to know the newest arrivals, I’ll keep adding to the grand total.

I hope you find the town as you pictured it. Because for me, each time I write the next book, I’m building the town that Scott Phillips envisioned but never got the opportunity to see.

And if you get a moment, you can always contact me via Facebook or at my website. I love hearing from you! As always, I appreciate your continued support.

Have a great summer!!
Vickie McKeehan


About vickiemckeehan

Author of 22 novels. Lover of books, the ocean, and animals. My website: http://www.vickiemckeehan.com/ If you follow my blog, chances are, I'll follow yours. vickiemckeehan.wordpress.com
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11 Responses to Take a look around Pelican Pointe, CA!!

  1. sherry fundin says:

    I love maps. Thanks Vickie and Jess for helping me SEE Pelican Pointe in all its glory. LOL I look forward to reading the rest of the series. ^_^

  2. LOL I hope it helps, Sherry. I LOVE maps, too! Jess did an outstanding job!

  3. Bette Hansen says:

    I love it. Helps to have a visual. Will there be more in this serious?? oh please please please

  4. CR HIATT says:

    What a good idea, Vickie! Even though your town is fictional, it reminds me of several locations that I know all too well in Southern California. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. michele wood says:

    Love putting a pic to the name.so much more personal I think.great job

  6. Gerry Zita-Horne says:

    Sigh!! I loved Promise Cove and have found a new (to me) author who I want to read more from. Thank you for a love story that could touch my heart.

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