TBWT-Low Res

A serial killer has the city of Seattle gripped in fear, especially young, single women. Desperate for leads, homicide detective Harry Drummond turns to his longtime friend, Skye Cree, for help. Because Skye seems to have a special gift for locating missing children, she agrees to do what she can to catch the guy. But she wants to bring Josh Ander in on the case to help.

Now consultants to law enforcement in an official capacity, Skye and Josh will go up against a cunning foe—a foe that seems bent on evading capture. As weeks turn into months, as the number of victims continues to climb, Josh is haunted by images from the various crime scenes. By the time Josh realizes the killer has shifted focus, it may be too late for Skye. Because this time around, Josh may be the only one to unravel—what the bones will tell.

Cover designed by David C. Cassidy


About vickiemckeehan

Author of 22 novels. Lover of books, the ocean, and animals. My website: If you follow my blog, chances are, I'll follow yours.
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  1. What an incredible jacket cover … love it. All your book covers are amazing. n x

  2. Thanks, Vickie. LOL, I’ve got the rock star hair, anyway. 🙂

  3. Autumn says:

    The book sounds amazing and the cover is wickedly cool. This cover just screams “PICK ME UP”

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