Review: Gone at Zero Hundred

Gone at ZeroGONE AT ZERO HUNDRED by C.R. Hiatt hits the ground running on page one and doesn’t allow the reader to catch a breath till the very last page. With two likable young adult characters to root for, with a plot that zips along page after page, you’ve got a story that offers up plenty of revved-up action and suspense .

Once a tomboy myself, I could relate to eighteen-year-old Sydney McSwain’s bravado and her bold as brass personality. When she witnesses the death of her private investigator mother on live TV, Syd is forced to step into an adult role overnight. She and her childhood friend, Cody Beck, brainstorm and decide to take over her mother’s P.I. business. “No job is too big, or too small for the reluctant detectives.” It doesn’t take long for McSwain and Beck to get caught up in murder, intrigue, drug dealers, and a slew of car chases. All the while Hiatt makes it clear these two crime fighters are a cut above the rest without the usual teen angst. Syd and Cody are smart, cocky, willing to do anything to solve the crime and shut down the bad guys for real. And wow, does Hiatt deliver an on-fire, never-let-up force of two by the name of McSwain and Beck.

Not since Alex Rider have I devoured fiction geared for young adults with such zeal. McSwain and Beck had me sitting back and letting them take the lead on a wild ride as they worked their way through mystery and mayhem! Now on to the second book, Fireworks on the 4th!

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