The wildfire in Yosemite…so sad

usa-fire-yosemiteMost of you have no doubt seen the news. For eight days now, almost nine, the wildfire in Yosemite, roughly the size of Chicago or 225 square miles, has destroyed 23 buildings and threatens more rural homes. The popular Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp, which had been around since 1922 is now gone. As of Sunday the fire threatens water and power utilities in San Francisco. It’s scorched some 160,000 acres and hovers over the giant sequoias.

Almost four thousand firefighters are battling the blaze to keep it from reaching the little town of Tuolumne as strong winds  prevent them from making much headway.  As of tonight it’s only 20% contained. This photo is from the Associated Press and shows just how massive and tough this fire is.

I only hope the people in harm’s way, the firefighters on the ground, the helicopter and tanker pilots in the air, stay safe.

Let’s hope you win this thing very soon.


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