Yoga pants, shopping, and airports

Green-Apple-yoga-flareI recently read an article from a blogger who criticized women for wearing their yoga pants to places other than master class. If their destination didn’t include a mat, stretching exercises and difficult poses, she felt you should not be wearing your yoga pants out in public where people could actually see you.  She went on to say that just because you were running errands around town didn’t give you the right to be comfortable while grocery shopping, or going to the bank, or picking up your dry cleaning. She especially didn’t like the fact that certain women had the temerity to wear their yoga pants on airplanes. This really upset her so much that she wrote a blog post about it.

Naturally, we should all get in the habit of booking our flight and planning which designer outfit would look best while sitting shoved into a 757. Maybe we should call ahead and find out what color plane is available and color-coordinate our ensemble to match and look even more stylish. Because let’s face it, we need a killer-looking get-up so that we can trek through that upscale, trendy place known as the airport in order to get on an airbus that hasn’t been truly clean since it rolled off the assembly line. Forget about having to park your car in Siberia in whatever climate you’re dealing with at the time–heat, cold, or rain. Forget about hailing the bus that will eventually deposit you in front of your terminal along with at least seventy-five other people crammed into it with their luggage in tow. Forget about the fact that once you go through those double doors you’ll have to wait your turn in the long, standing-room-only security line where you will be forced to remove your classy pair of high heels and wait for the pat-down which has become routine. Nope, forget all that all the while you’re in your Donna Karan jeans or your Donatella Versace suit as you make the mad dash to reach your gate.

Who told you that you could be comfortable anyway while traveling from point A to point B?

Weren’t those designer skinny jeans  you picked out at Nordstrom the very thing you wanted to wear on the trip so everyone could admire your taste in fashion? You know the ones that make your butt look fantastic,  the ones that had you looking in the mirror in the dressing room, and saying, “Wow, I can’t wait to spend eight hours in these babies on a flight to London sandwiched elbow-to-elbow between two people who are total armrest hogs.”

Yep, those. But why should my perfect jeans be sacrificed where I’m stuffed into a seat back in coach and have to fight for room just to be able to open my package of snack crackers, or have enough space to eat the meal I brought onboard without having someone bump my arm and dump a soda in my lap?

Been there. Done that.

That’s why I opt for wearing my yoga pants. They’re like a second skin to me and I’m comfortable in them wherever I go.  They’re no longer plain Jane or dumb-looking either.  You can accessorize them in so many different ways.  (Another future post, maybe?)

Yes, I still wear my jeans when I feel like it. Yes, I still dress up and wear my little black dress with four-inch heels on special occasions. But I won’t compromise comfort when I’m on a flight that lasts six hours or more and shoved into a space the size of a broom closet with six other people and stale air.  That seems silly to me.

That’s why yoga pants make the perfect outfit for any trip whether you’re running around town or at 38,000 feet. Anyone who thinks differently should probably look the other way when they see me in the produce section at the supermarket while I’m picking out a bunch of kale, or at the library, or when I’m ordering a latte at the coffee house. This pretty much goes double for when I’m inside the airport getting ready to board a plane. Fair warning: Don’t expect me to travel looking like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

All I’m saying is be comfortable, ladies. Life is hectic. I vote for comfort and not setting off the alarm at the security checkpoint. And don’t forget those accessorizes! Make those yoga pants rock!

Photo courtesy of Green Apple


7 thoughts on “Yoga pants, shopping, and airports

  1. Who wrote that??? LOL! I taught a pilates class yesterday morning, then worked all day like a bat outta hell from home on all my other stuff, because I had to take the red-eye out of town… Before I knew it, I had to leave, so guess what… SAME CLOTHES – yoga pants, bra top and tank with a hoodie on top. She or he would have keeled over… especially since I didn’t shower and primp for my red-eye… LOL

  2. I’m all for comfy. I hate flying, and am usually sedated, so what are yoga pants in the great scheme of things, when I am drooling down the side of my face!!

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