My List of Guilty Pleasures | What’s Yours?

Hot guy with ChocolateReader mail is fun to answer. I absolutely love hearing from you guys. Readers mostly want to know stuff like when the next book is coming out but occasionally I get an off-the-wall question like this one, “Hey Vickie, what are some of your guilty pleasures in life?”

The urban dictionary defines “guilty pleasures” as those things we enjoy doing but keep to ourselves. So to answer the question from Michael H. I had to do some serious thinking about the stuff I like most. Here goes:

1. Chocolate, any form, any time. Dark. Light. Milk. Cold. Hot. Solid. Melty.

2. Eating breakfast late at night. I don’t do this often but when I do I love going to an all-night diner with friends and ordering waffles, pancakes, or a cheesy omelet at one o’clock in the morning. Yum!!

3. A long, uninterrupted soak in the tub, bubble bath preferred, but not required, where I have total silence and no one banging on the door wanting to pee.

4. Reading. Period. I read all kinds of stuff not just romance. I like to read about relationships, true crime, horror, fantasy, murder, thrillers, funny stuff, and everything in-between.

5. Watching my favorite movies for the umpteenth time. Either Practical Magic because I love the entire cast of that film. Or the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills because I love to make fun of the cheesy way they did special effects back then. Or Aliens because it’s the best one out of the lot. Or Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis because I remember the very first time I saw it and was scared to death. Or The Princess Bride because it is THE funniest movie EVER made!

6. Surfing. As I get older I don’t do this as much as I’d like. And one reason is because the water’s a killer on the hair, at least on mine it is.

7. Scoring an awesome pair of shoes…on sale!!!

8. Scoring an awesome pair of earrings…on sale!!!

9. Spending hours in the garden surrounded by flowers and green stuff.

10. I’ve recently discovered a masseuse and absolutely love the hour she spends working the tension out of my shoulders, neck, and back. Pure heaven!!

Now that I’ve ‘fessed up to mine, it’s your turn. Come on, tell me your guilty pleasures.


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8 Responses to My List of Guilty Pleasures | What’s Yours?

  1. One of my guilty pleasures is having a walk in the countryside, alone, listening to some music.

  2. Reading, reading, reading and yes reading. With chocolate and any kind of chocolate as you named.. I also love long walks on the mountain with my sweet hubby. 🙂

  3. Marny Copal says:

    Chocolate is must! Taking off for an overnight trip to a lake or the ocean is high on the list. 🙂

  4. Rewatching episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and The Golden Girls. I can even say some of the lines from memory.

  5. BDF says:

    Does reading qualify as a guilty pleasure? I think of guilty pleasures as being more things like cocaine and bathroom pornography.

  6. Hmm…if a guilty pleasure is something we enjoy doing but keep to ourselves, does that mean once we share it then it’s no longer a guilty pleasure? Inquiring minds want to know.

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