The Evil Secrets Trilogy Cover Reveal

Evil Secrets Trilogy FB Banner

I’m so very proud to announce that this weekend the Evil Trilogy got a makeover. In short, it became The Evil Secrets Trilogy with all new book covers designed by Audrey Mackaman.

Just Evil Cover FINAL -- Amazon

Just Evil Book One

Deeper Evil Cover FINAL - Amazon

Deeper Evil Book Two

Ending Evil Cover FINAL - Amazon

Ending Evil Book Three

Available at Amazon


8 thoughts on “The Evil Secrets Trilogy Cover Reveal

  1. These look very interesting. I just got Hidden Moon Bay as a free Kindle read and was impressed to look further into your works. I usually wait a year to read free downloads — i.e. now I could read anything I downloaded before 1/1/13. However, with your good reviews I think I will up the date for this, or maybe even get book 1 to read and review. Thanks for writing what appear to be good books. I anticipate enjoying them.

  2. Love the covers. I have all three of these books and a the 1st Skye Cree Novel and actually I am pretty sure I have all but the second Skye Cree Novel and Lighthouse Reef. But those two are on my wish list on Amazon and will be getting them asap. You are such a wonderful author. The covers are really beautiful. 🙂

  3. I’m pretty skeptical of authors I’ve never read before. I get daily book offers from and got the first in the Evil Trilogy for free, just to try to broaden my library. I’ve really only read Dean Koontz novels. I love the mystery, romance, and touch of supernatural Koontz offers. Until I read Just Evil I’ve never come across that great combination from any other author. I literally could not put it down. I was enraptured. I fell in love with all the characters, especially Kit and Jake. I love that all three young women were born into and raised in the High Society but are nothing like it. Are the complete opposite in fact. They came from money and power and took themselves down from those immoral heights to a more humble and meaningful lifestyle. The suspense kept me achingly on edge. Which I love so much. To me a book isn’t all that good if everything is just laid out for you. If you’re kept wondering then you have to keep reading. There aren’t many authors that can keep me interested like that. Mckeehan, you are a superb novelists and I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing the next 2 books in the series. Plus some or maybe all of you other titles! I own close to 60 Koontz titles so why not yours? You’ve got yourself another fan my dear.

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