Starlight Dunes is here!!!

Looking for romance? A little mystery? Starlight Dunes is here!!

Welcome back to Pelican Pointe.

The mystery of the past, the present, the future collide … the answers can be found in the dunes.

Archaeologist River Amandez is drawn to Pelican Pointe to excavate and catalogue a long-buried Starlight Dunes FINALChumash settlement. She brings with her a not-so-pretty past and only one man in town can help her.

Brent Cody comes back to town to recover mentally and physically from a near-fatal attempt on his life. Together the two will lean on each other for strength and courage. And soon discover that the dunes hold answers to more than just the past.The mystery of the past, the present, the future

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7 thoughts on “Starlight Dunes is here!!!

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  2. I started the first book promise cove at amazon downloaded to kindle was reading it to where he and the baby r discussing hating peas then my book froze up . I contacted kindle and we tried everything I can’t get the book on any devise. I contacted public library and no book available. I do not want to start second book . Is there a problem and if so is there a time limit to the book working again? I was really enjoying it thanks Rhonda for update

    • Hi Rhonda,

      I’m sorry you had trouble with your Kindle. I love my Kindle Fire but sometimes it does freeze up and won’t advance to the next page. It’s happened numerous times with the books of other authors. I don’t know anything about the inner workings of a Kindle but I’d guess it’s a glitch of some kind.

      Here’s what I suggest doing. Delete Promise Cove from your Kindle Library. Message me with your email address and I will gift you a new copy to try. Hopefully you won’t have that same problem but let me know if you do.


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