The Box of Bones Cover Reveal

Blimey, it’s been awhile since my last post. It seems the time gap between posts grows longer and longer despite my best efforts. I’m sorry about that. I made a New Year’s resolution to post more often and here we are at the end of February. Ah well, too many tasks and not enough time in the day to complete each one.

Anyway, my post today is the cover reveal for The Box of Bones, third novel in the Skye Cree series. I do hope you’ll join me in April when Skye takes on another brutal killer. This time it’s personal as more and more people around her begin to turn up missing or dead.

Cover designed by Jess Johnson.



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7 Responses to The Box of Bones Cover Reveal

  1. kat says:

    have just discovered skye cree and vickie, both are great.

  2. Reblogged this on Marilyn Holdsworth and commented:
    Box of Bones looks like a real thriller.

  3. I love your books and will be so glad when this one is ready for buying. You are an awesome writer and person. 🙂 Love the cover and the covers of all your books.

  4. Marie Coats says:

    Looking forward to reading this new Story about Sky- Love your Blog Title – maybe Add a little Espresso & Wine Too LOL

  5. As always, your jacket covers are fantastic – congratulations, Vickie. n x

  6. sherry fundin says:

    I LOVE the cover, Vickie.

  7. Great blog! You have a real gift for making it come alive.

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