The Box of Bones, A Skye Cree Novel


Skye and Josh are back in action. Catch the excitement of the hunt in Book Three, The Box of Bones!

As a brutal killer descends into madness, can Skye end his reign of terror before it’s too late?

A motivated killer with the charm and good looks of Bundy and the cruelty of Dahmer works his craft with cunning skill. When he decides he’s fed up with going unnoticed, he reaches out to Skye in a big way. As more and more people around her begin to turn up missing or dead, she realizes there’s a link–and it’s her.  Unless she finds a way to stop him, he’ll continue checking off his list with precision and deadly consequences.

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April 23, 2014 · 10:03 am

9 responses to “The Box of Bones, A Skye Cree Novel

  1. This is fabulous, Vickie, your Skye Cree series is extremely popular. Enjoy the glory! n x

  2. Awesome! I still have book two to read, I am loving the Skye Cree series. It is just awesomesauce

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