Help Cecilia Spark Raise Funds for Born Free

Ngaire Elder, author of The Adventures of Cecilia Spark series of children’s books, is once again showing her generous spirit. She’s donating all the profits from her books for the month of June to the Born Free Foundation in support of their 2014 Big Cat Nap Fundraiser.

Big Cat Nap Logo Lion

Ngaire Elder Photo

 The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity founded in 1984 that rescues vulnerable animals from appalling living conditions and starvation. By funding sanctuaries for cats like lions, tigers, cheetahs, and leopards all over the world, Born Free makes a huge impact on whether or not the cats survive. But only if you help. Join Ngaire in her effort to save big cats.

Big Cat Ngaire Elder

Purchase any of Ngaire’s children’s books in any format, hard cover, ebook, or audio, and the proceeds will go to providing for the feeding and care of these endangered animals.

Not only will your children get to know a great character in Cecilia Spark, but you’ll be helping a worthy cause.

What your donation goes for:

  • $5 could buy a vitamin boost for a rescued lion
  • $7 could fund a tiger protection officer for a day
  • $10 could feed a rescued cheetah cub for two days
  • $25 could buy binoculars to help a warden protect wild tigers
  • $40 could buy a rescued lion’s food for a week

Make a difference. Buy a children’s book and help out big cats.

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2 thoughts on “Help Cecilia Spark Raise Funds for Born Free

  1. Vickie, your support is overwhelming and I am smiling from ear-to-ear. Thank you for publishing this blog post for Cecilia Spark’s fundraiser for the Big Cats. I am hoping lots of money will be raised. Get on board everyone and let’s save the Big Cats. hugs to you n x

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