Mercury in retrograde: Reflect, recharge

From June 7 to July 1 planet Mercury is in retrograde. In other words, it appears to move backward in the sky. Think of it as Mercury in a deep sleep pattern or in its shadow phase. Many who follow astrological signs view this period as a “dark” time, suggesting people refrain from travel, that they don’t sign contracts of any kind, or make any life altering decisions, (like getting married) etc. Some people swear they experience a major upswing in techno problems during retrograde. Things like computer glitches, dropped calls, interruption in satellite service have been reported occurring more frequently.  1 Sunset

But I choose to see this time as a positive. A time to reflect, recharge, rekindle, re-imagine, research. A time to forgive if you’re on the outs with anyone close to you. A time to see the greater picture. A time to renew your belief system, whatever you happen to believe. A time to regenerate your spirit, your soul.  Use this time to refocus if your old self is out of whack. If life just isn’t working for you, consider a repurpose. Discover something new about yourself. Dig deep and reach out to others. Find the inner you again and make it count. Life is a journey. Don’t give up until you shine.

As always, be sure to let me know how it goes.

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