Carmen DeSousa adds Creatus Rogue to her booklist

Creatus boxed setRomance. Suspense. I never get tired of that combination!

If you’re a fan of writer Carmen DeSousa, she has a treat in store for her readers. Her first book is always free. That’s right, free! She likes to think of it as buying you a cup of coffee. 

If you love books about ancient myths, superheroes, or vampires… Forget everything you’ve heard. Prepare to believe. 

The Creatus Series is now available in a boxed set AND when the next book is available, she’ll update the set for you, so all you’ll have to do is update from your retailer to get the next book at no charge.     

Find out more and read a sample here. Or find the link to your favorite book retailer here.

Carmen’s Booklist

Southern Suspense Series

#1 She Belongs to Me (FREE)
#2 Split Decisions
#3 Land of the Noonday Sun
#4 Entangled Dreams
#5 When Noonday Ends

Creatus Series (Romantic-Suspense with a Paranormal Edge)

Creatus (They Exist) The Prequel
Creatus (Book One)
Creatus Rogue (Book Two)

Mystery Series with a Ghostly Edge

The Pit Stop ~ FREE!
The Depot ~ FREE!
Follow-up Novel, The Library


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