Game of Thrones: Where is Lady Stoneheart?

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT WARNING: If you haven’t read the books or watched Game of Thrones (GoT) from the beginning — DO NOT READ ANY MORE OF THIS POST.

I believe I’ve been a good and loyal fan to the show since the first episode aired in April 2011. I’ve even arranged my Sunday nights around the time slot. I’ve watched religiously while some of my favorite characters were killed off in all manner of horrible ways. I said nothing when the direwolf, Lady, was sentenced to death at Cersei’s behest only to be executed by Ned Stark. Which was so VERY wrong since Lady had absolutely nothing to do with Joffrey’s little tantrum. But back then, the dying was barely getting started. So when I watched Ned 1 GEORGE-RR-MARTINStark get his head lopped off, I took it in stride. Same can be said for when Khal Drogo gets hurt in a fight, goes into a coma before his  his own wife, Daenerys, decides to smother him to end his suffering. I took the loss of Drogo stoically even though I am a huge Jason Momoa devotee. I stayed silent when I witnessed the carnage at The Red Wedding where Robb Stark, his wife, his mother and a whole lot of other people met their fates. I admit to relishing the sight of Joffrey foaming at the mouth and then succumbing to poison. But then had to watch as Cersei ordered Tyrion arrested and shuttered off to the stockade for the crime. And when Ygritte took her final breath while wrapped up in Jon Snow’s arms, I admit to crying like a baby knowing it was one of the best final death scenes in recent memory. Yet we still had the gruesome fight between Oberyn and Mountain to look forward to. So I waited patiently for the final episode knowing it would be memorable. They didn’t disappoint.  The battle between Brianne and the Hound was kick-ass only to lead us into Jaime Lannister setting his brother, Tyrion free–free to exact his revenge on Shae and the father who’d never loved him.

While Season Four ended with a thirst for more, I have one major question. I know the show’s deviated from the books before. After all, Brianne never fought with the Hound. So as someone who’s read the books, I’m at a loss as to the show’s plans about bringing Catelyn Stark back from the dead as Lady Stoneheart, a vengeful-seeking zombie ala the Walking Dead. As readers, we know she’s mentioned  in the epilogue of Storm of Swords. But she did not appear in the final, season-ending episode–at all–no mention of her whatsoever. According to director Alex Graves and the interview he gave to Entertainment Weekly, they didn’t even plan to shoot a Lady Stoneheart scene.

So is Lady Stoneheart coming back to life in the opener of Season Five? Or, is her absence from Sunday night’s episode another huge deviation from the books? Should the character even come back at all?

As we end one season and begin the wait for another, I have a feeling the fate of Lady Stoneheart is still up in the air. Like so many other fans I wait while the show’s creators decide which way to go. Either way, I’m bound to keep watching. Sunday nights just wouldn’t be the same without GoT.


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