Yes, I know RWA 2014 is going on right now

Got several messages / emails asking why I skipped the RWA 2014 conference again this year in San Antonio, Texas. 1 Riverwalk(Last time I went to RWA was in 2012 when it was held in Anaheim.) The short reason for passing on going is that I was deep in edits and making a few tweaks to get Last Chance Harbor out the door. Last year it was The Bones Will Tell. Hmm, maybe I should rethink releasing a book in the summer months. Wait. No. That probably won’t happen. 🙂

So I missed the Riverwalk and all the glitz and glamour at the Marriott and most of all the workshops and chats with other authors. Oh well. I know everyone there will enjoy the experience. It’s a fantastic venue where you have the opportunity to see your favorite writers, chat for a few minutes while you scoop up an autograph. Maybe I’ll make it to New York next year. Until then, I’ll stay glued to my laptop and keep writing like a fiend.

If you’re there, enjoy the receptions and book signings and all San Antonio has to offer!

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