Yep, there will be a 4th Skye Cree

TheBoxofBones-wip3Skye Cree Rules!!!

An update:


Even though I’m in the middle of Sea Glass Cottage I thought I should take the time to assure the Skye Cree fans that I’m outlining Book Four of Wolf draft1 black and blue with blue sunthat series, tentatively titled, Hidden Bones. I guarantee that will NOT be the end name of the book. 🙂 That’s why it isn’t particularly creative at this point. But it’s a working title that I feel comfortable with for now this early in the outline. And yes, I know what title will end up on the cover. When Jess has it done, I’ll post it here first so you can get a good look at Book Four. I’ve decided to release it next year, hopefully around March, 2015. That means the new trilogy, I’m also working on, The Indigo Brothers, will be bumped to summer. As always, when I get into the process, sometimes characters just do not do what I planned for them to do and they make me alter their roles somewhat in the whole thing. Such is the case with this 3-part story. I’m proud to say it has undergone some alterations and major improvements. I’m delighted so far in the progress I’m making. So far a lot of research is involved. Good news is that once the backstory is out of the way I can focus on developing the characters  into what I want.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great summer. In some places school has already started back again. It’s amazing how the summers keep getting shorter and shorter.

5 thoughts on “Yep, there will be a 4th Skye Cree

  1. I’m looking forward to reading Another book in the Skye Cree series! I love your style of writing. Thanks so much!

  2. Sweet! I just discovered this series and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m about to start book 3, and then I will go back and read your other books. I’m glad that Amazon recommended your books to me!

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