Halloween is Coming: ONE NIGHT by Malla Duncan

One Night

by Malla Duncan

One Night Malla Duncan

In keeping with the Halloween is Coming Theme, 25 days and counting, Romance, Suspense, & Chocolate is featuring books this month with a horror, ghost, or scary premise. Today’s feature is One Night, a full-length, high tension murder mystery, by author Malla Duncan

 What frightens you? Really?

Casey Blaydon is about to find out. Still smarting from the breakup with her boyfriend, she finds herself alone and looking after a friend’s dog for one night. But Barton cottage is lonely and nothing has prepared Casey for the events that are about to converge on her doorstep – events which unleash a terrifying mystery that follows her home like a shadow.

You can find One Night, and other books by Malla Duncan at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble

About Malla Duncan — Malla lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She writes contemporary psychological mystery suspense thrillers, comedy thrillers, fantasy for children and books aimed at African children (the Miki series) but suitable for all readers. Her background includes a BA in Psychology & Communications (UNISA), Business Management (IMM) and Counselling I (SA College of Applied Psychology). A 20-year career in copywriting in advertising sees her with a well-honed turn of phrase and a touch of madness. If you enjoy a mix of romance, murder, mystery and suspense, you will enjoy her thrillers.  You can catch Malla hanging out at her Blog or on Facebook. Stop by and get to know her.


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