Libraries, the world’s true treasures

Library in Portugal

Mafra Palace Library, Portugal Photo by Will Pryce

Sometimes when I write, which is pretty much most days, I get into “the zone” and it takes a friend to nudge me out long enough to look around and smell the flowers, or in this case, smell the pages of a book. Almost. That’s what friends are for–to get you out of a rut, or to point you in the direction of what you’re missing. When it’s something spectacular, like fireworks or a  meteor streaking through the night sky, you drop what you’re doing and pay attention. So let me just  say, thanks, Anne Shirley, for the nudge out of my writing cave!

It came when Anne posted a link on my Facebook page Saturday and wowed me with not one, but several spectaculars. Because I had to pass it on for fear someone else might have their heads buried in the sand and miss out, I came here. You see, Anne posted a link to a blog post on Bored Panda titled, 25 of the Most Majestic Libraries In The World. Yes, libraries. To a true book lover like me the blog post is tantamount to fireworks on the Fourth of July, or sitting at the Hollywood Bowl on a perfect summer evening listening to Yuja Wang wow her audience with Rachmaninoff or Prokofiev. After all, you can’t beat the classics or the smell of books in a library.

So that’s why if you do nothing else today, take my advice and treat yourself to the beautiful  gallery at Bored Panda and the shots of these true wonders of the world–libraries. From Austria to Baltimore to Beijing, China, if you appreciate the written word, ornate design, architecture, or history, if you’ve ever enjoyed sitting in a library on a quiet, rainy day picking your way along rows and rows of classics on the shelves, you’ll drool over these institutions. If you’re like me, you may never get to experience any of these places in person, but  you will certainly get a rush from their grandeur.

And after you’ve oohed and ahhed your way through the photographs, weigh in on which one is your favorite, either here on this blog or at the Bored Panda. Either way, I promise you’ll be as blown away as I was!!







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