The good news is…

The contest entries are over. I appreciate all the suggestions. But the judges are hopelessly deadlocked and it seems, couldn’t agree on a clear cut winner. And no, I didn’t cast a tie-breaking vote because I wanted this to be their decision and not mine. That was half the fun for me. Also, I’m in the middle of the 4th Skye Creek book and a whole lot busy with edits.

So here’s what I plan to do. For anyone who entered with a title suggestion I’m giving you a FREE ebook of your choice from my booklist. If you’ve read everything on the list, then I FreeLOVE you!!! Seriously, if you’ve read them all, then I’ll give you a FREE copy of the 8th book when it comes out. As yet, untitled OR, a copy of the 4th Skye Cree, again, your choice,

To claim your prize, contact my assistant, Kristi, at and let her know which book you’d like delivered to your Kindle.


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