February has a lot of heart

February cares  1f495-microsoft-windows

There are so many cool things about February it’s difficult to know where to start. Chances are you already know people who’ve made their plans for that romantic day set aside on the 14th. And if we’re lucky in the job department, we plan to get a day off to sleep late thanks to  President’s Day since it falls on a Monday this year. Can you say 3-day weekend? Maybe you’ve contacted your travel agent and plan to spend some time at Mardi Gras. All good stuff. But there’s a lot more to February than partying in The Big Easy.

February is  a cheery winter month that lets you wear red without looking like a Christmas commercial. If you want to pull out that red sweater your aunt gave you as a present five Christmases ago, know this month is the time you can really pull off that outfit and make it rock. Just make sure there isn’t a big green tree with multi-colored lights on the front of it first.

February is known as National Heart Month, which means you can order healthy and all the salads you want over lunch without getting the evil eye from friends.  Simply explain that you’re being true to February’s health awareness goal and watch the respect and awe come into their eyes. Okay, so maybe I’m kidding about that last part.

It’s also Black History Month, so crack open a book and delve into the lives of people like, Carter Woodson and Marian Anderson. Don’t know who they are? Woodson was an author, historian, and a journalist. And take a listen to contralto Marian Anderson singing, My Country Tis of Thee at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939. What a voice!

If you’re a film buff, February has it covered. Mark your calendars for Oscar night on the 22nd and watch Bradley Cooper battle it out with the likes of Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne for the prize. So far of those actors nominated, I’ve only caught Redmayne’s performance so I thought I’d post the trailer for Theory of Everything. I plan to see the other movies before the big night though.

On to February’s serious side. Where January was about Stalker Awareness, this month’s focus is just as serious and its about kids. It’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Why? Because 1 in 10 teens have been abused by either a boyfriend or girlfriend while on a date. Be aware that it happens to both boys and girls in equal numbers. So open up a dialogue and talk to your son or daughter about the early signs of domestic abuse cropping up during Friday night date night.

It’s never too early to teach your kids that love is respect. Healthy relationships come from respecting each other.

February might be a short month but it’s crammed full of all kinds of good stuff. So go out and make it a great month!


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