Valentine’s Day Getaways

Get ready for a romantic weekend

Looking to get out of the cold? Looking for a place to drag, er take your sweetie for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? These destinations have worked for us in the past. We’ve jumped in the car at the last-minute and headed to the beach—Torrey Pines, San Simeon, Laguna Beach—all were last-minute, impromptu, and spontaneous decisions. Sound romantic? Of course, it does. Factor in the traffic before you go though. Alternate plan: you could just spend a quiet weekend at home indulging each other. There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays in your own bed, in your own pajamas, lounging the weekend away. Now that’s romantic, just replace the Santa decorations with hearts and it’s all good.

Red Flowers at Laguna Beach

Beach with Red Flowers

Standing looking north

 San Simeon


San Simeon Beach

The view from our room near San Simeon

 Torrey Pines


2 Torrey Pines

One of the best beaches in San Diego


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