Roses are red …

Happy Valentine’s Day

1 Valentine Blog Post

Roses are red, cookies are too

Unless they are chocolate and so filled with goo.

But I picked the red heart with sugar and spicing

Then nibbled the part and licked off the icing.

It didn’t last long and was gone in a flash

Like Cupid, his arrow, with a bit of panache.

My sugar high fixed, my sweetie is ready

For that’s when I’ll wear that red, silky teddy.

It’s a surprise and a wonder what a cookie will do

When love’s on the line and the sentiment’s true.

Like flowers or candy will work just as well

In a bed and breakfast or a ritzy hotel.

Closed off from the world, get back in touch

Spend the weekend curled up, not a thing is too much.



2 thoughts on “Roses are red …

  1. The book Just Evil is the first book that I have read by Vickie McKennhan and it was an absolutely wonderful trip. When I got to the end I was not wanting it to end. I needed more then I remembered that I had bought book 2 and book 3. I am so glad I already had the whole series. Deeper Evil started out like I had turned to the next page and if I had not read Just Evil it would have explained in Deeper Evil the story still would have been great but I am glad I read Just Evil first for the suspense of the story she weaves the the whole story together again with more explanation it was intriguing and it is full of suspense, treachery, murder, evil and love. People who care about others and people who walk on others. I am about 1/3 thru book 2 and excited about book 3. I have already started to buy her books in different series. Vickie , so glad I found you so keep up the great work!!

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I think it’s pretty great that you found my books, too! 🙂
      I’m glad you enjoyed Kit, and Baylee’s story. Quinn’s will answer a few Qs. At this point in the story Reese can’t quite figure Quinn out. But once you read her story, I think you’ll understand why she’s the way she is. 🙂
      Come back soon and let me know how you liked the whole trilogy. 🙂

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