Hello Mac

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Mac is all very cool with its magic and whistles

Like Time Machines, Air-Drops, and iCloud missives.

The keyboard is different, it’s all a bit strange

But putting up with Windows it’s time for a change.


Windows 7 is ancient history and caused me so many problems I couldn’t even begin to list them here if I wanted to do so. Because over the course of several months I got so fed up with the issues, I took matters in hand and finally upgraded shucking the awful operating system and the angst it brought. No, I didn’t go to Windows 10 but to a MAC.  In my house Apple now rules, the Mac has replaced my inferior PC and is home to connecting with all that I had before. As far as a PC goes, I won’t name names here but suffice to say I’m doing a happy dance right about now putting the thing away in the closet for good and forgetting I ever bought it in the first place. It’s taken me some time to transition but I’m a quick learner. Let’s hope I can catch up on all my emails, messages, and social media. Because I won’t kid you, it has been a learning curve but well worth putting Windows in my rearview mirror.


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Author of 22 novels. Lover of books, the ocean, and animals. My website: http://www.vickiemckeehan.com/ If you follow my blog, chances are, I'll follow yours. vickiemckeehan.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Hello Mac

  1. sherry fundin says:

    I’ve wondered about doing that myself. Am I just too lazy to go through the learning curve or too impatient. 🙂 Glad it’s working for you.

  2. Malla Duncan says:

    I’m thinking of upgrading to a Mac – but have heard they don’t ‘talk’ that well to other computers. Not sure if this is in any way true. But I’m a simple operator and hate any fuss or complexity, so don’t know if I’m a Mac person. Let us know how you go.

  3. They work well with everything BUT it’s the difference in the way you find files and stuff that is the headache for me. Good luck!

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