My Fiesta Ware fetish

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.

~ Pablo Picasso

Who doesn’t  love the bold colors of Fiesta Ware? Okay, maybe I’m in the minority. But when sitting down to a meal I want the place settings to pop as much as I do the food. That’s part of the fun of eating, right? Because my moods tend to change from breakfast to dinner, I started collecting Fiesta Ware decades ago. I have at least one sample of almost every color Homer Laughlin ever offered on their website for sale. You name it, I probably have it. Of course, I still save my good China for those special occasions that call for formal. But in my house, those are few and far between. Although, a side note. I do have an unusual Noritake pattern with cute little daisies that is absolutely beautiful. If you’re into that sort of thing here’s a little sneak peek. But that’s another post.

As you can see by perusing the photos below, my breakfast table is a bright tiled, sunflower lovers delight. (Since I’m also a sucker for flowers, the sunflower table in the photos was too much of a temptation to pass up.) But because the table itself is VERY colorful, it takes a special bowl, plate or teapot to compete with that kind of motif. 🙂

People who come to my house for a meal always ask  the same thing when they sit down at the table and look around at the different colored place settings. Because everyone usually gets their own shade of…something. They invariably ask me, what is your favorite Fiesta Ware color? When it comes to setting the table, I don’t really have a favorite. It’s fairly obvious that I LOVE them all! I mix and match turquoise plates with sunflower yellow, then add in scarlet red bowls or paprika serving dishes or maybe a tangerine pitcher. The only colors I’ve shied away from in the past are plum and cobalt. I have very few pieces of those colors. That’s not to say I don’t have accent pieces, namely platters, or salad plates. Because I do. Nor would I ever turn down a plate or bowl in peacock blue if I found it on sale. 😛

The thing is, I find the plum and cobalt are a tad too contrasting, as is the desert rose. I’m not much of a fan of pink or flamingo. And with my green and yellow table (where we do most of our eating) those colors don’t work as well. That isn’t to say, if I know you’re a pink person, you will most likely get that color place setting with your turkey dinner. I do prefer the lemongrass color green to the darker shamrock though. On that same part of the color wheel, the darker juniper is always a good choice at Christmastime when I pair it with red.

Whether it’s platters or bread plates, in the McKeehan household, we’re prepared for any holiday meal—whether it’s Easter pastel or St. Paddy’s Day green—come to our house for a meal and you’ll likely get plenty of festive colors at the table. Even if it’s as simple as a grilled hot dog on the BBQ! Life is about color and exercising that flair when the mood hits.





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