An up-close look at Pelican Pointe

The second most asked question I get–behind when is the next book due out–is could you please make the Pelican Pointe map of the town larger in the ebook versions because Kindle won’t let readers enlarge it?

The thing is, the formatting restricts how large a jpeg image is when it’s put into ebook format. To make things simple I’m posting the latest version of the updated map from Sandcastles Under the Christmas Moon released this past November.  As you know, the map has gone through changes with each book because each new character brings his or her ideas to town along with a backstory and the map reflects each new  thing.

The map used to appear on my website before the redesign of the site. I’m told it took a great deal of time to load with each hit the site took, that’s one of the reasons the map had to go. I might still bring it back sometime in the future if my web designer can find a way to keep it from taking so long to load.

So for now, I’m uploading it to my blog in hopes that here it will exist on a much larger scale–although I do think it depends a lot on the device on which you’re viewing it. Anyway, I hope this solves the issue for those of you interested enough to write me about it. It’s pure pleasure on my part that you want to see Pelican Pointe up-close and personal. 🙂



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