the best pug in the world

Last summer I lost my pug, Beau. He went to sleep one night  and just didn’t wake up. He’d had breathing problems in the past, but I never expected him to go so suddenly like that. The house seems empty without his little pug feet padding from room to room and his little body curling up next to mine. Walks aren’t the same.

Right away friends urged me to get another dog, a replacement, but no dog could ever take the place of a best friend like Beau. He would sit with me each time I started a book, watch me at my desk through the process right up to when I put the finishing details into its completion. If you’re curious or counting, that’s more than twenty novels during Beau’s lifetime. He’d listen patiently, he had a knack for that, as I worked out scenes and read the dialogue out loud. Maybe that’s why writing my last three books hasn’t been the same. Our time together went by too fast and even though it’s been eight months, I don’t think I’m ready yet to look for another. When and if that time comes, I might mark the anniversary of his passing by accepting another dog into my life, not a pug though. I don’t want to go through the breathing problems again. I’ll pick one from a shelter this time.  He or she won’t be a replacement. No one can ever take Beau’s place. Not even if I cloned him like Barbra Streisand did her beloved Sammie. Beau was Beau. And there will  never be another like him. But don’t worry, when I do choose another dog, I’ll shower the lucky pooch with all the love I can muster. That’s a promise.

18 thoughts on “the best pug in the world

  1. So sorry Beau is no longer with you. We have Elizabeth and she just turned 15. She is our Baby. She has some health issues and we are dreading the Day! You are very fortunate that he passed without Drama( I just hate the thought of having to send Elizabeth to Doggie heaven) I am sure when the time is right you and a new furry friend will find each other.
    Hugs Marie – A Ske Cree Fan

  2. Vickie my heart and sympathy are with you. I lost a pug just over a year ago pretty much the same way. I had another pug at the time and have since adopted 2 more pugs from rescues. No dog can replace the one you lost. But when your heart heals enough you will find that each one is special and unique in their own way.

  3. I also had a pug several years ago. A wonderful little girl that unfortunately had severe back problems. She was only 4 when I had to send her over the rainbow bridge. I waited a year before I got a new dog and I went with a shih tzu. Luckily she is healthy. I couldn’t live without a little pooch beside my side. ❤

  4. How sad – my little pooch is currently lying asleep at my side. HIs feet are running through dream grass. No, I couldn’t replace him. I feel for you. Hope you manage to find another canine companion who is just as lovely when you’re ready.
    Lynn 😀

  5. So sorry for that loss. Losing a beloved pet cuts so deep. And yes, give yourself space before taking on another. No new arrival will replace Beau. But taking a little soul from a shelter and giving it a loving home – well, there’s nothing like it.

  6. I understand! We have 3 rescue dogs. We usually take in hospice or elderly. This time we have a mish mash. Each time we lose one we grieve and when we are able to move on, its another rescue. It’s all the happy memories!

    • What a woman you are!!! ❤️ Seriously. My heart would break. Thank goodness there are dog lovers like you who are willing to take in so many. Knowing your love is what they feel to the end inspires me. ❤️

  7. I have a pug myself.The first two sentences itself made me shiver in fear at the thought of anything like that happening to anyone’s dog.I’m sure Beau is in complete peace.This really made me value the time that i’m lucky enough to have with my pug.Thankyou.Lots of love otherwise,keep blogging:)

  8. So sad.. Sorry for the loss. Pugs are best as the first time pet. They are one of the most popular breeds always ready to something unusual in a positive sense. Pugs are the most cheerful and happy dog which can really hang out it with anyone.

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