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For most of my adult life I toiled at a desk job working in corporate settings, those boring 9 to 5 gigs stuck in a cubicle where you’re simply marking time. I always loved to write and because I have a fascination with unsolved murder cases, I dabbled in my first 100-61854manuscript, a murder mystery, many, many years ago when I was in my 20s. And then later on in life I discovered romance novels. I’ve been hooked ever since. After all those years, I’d found my niche and thought I’d be good at blending the two together. I had dozens of ideas ready to launch. So I started working full-time to make it happen. From start to finish, it took me five years to write The Evil Secrets Trilogy. But by the time I decided to publish, I had five more manuscripts already lined up. Those stories became the Pelican Pointe Series.

I love doing what I do and wake up each morning grateful to the readers who’ve brought me this far. It’s been a fascinating journey that I appreciate every single day. So thank you for picking up my books. Thank you for all the messages I get telling me how much you enjoy reading them.

As long as my imagination keeps churning, I’ll continue to crank out my stories. I  hope you’ll be there with me like you have in the past.

A huge thank you,


The Evil Secrets Trilogy

Just Evil

Deeper Evil

Ending Evil

The Skye Cree Series

The Bones of Others

The Bones Will Tell

The Box of Bones

His Garden of Bones

Truth in the Bones

The Pelican Pointe Series

Promise Cove

Hidden Moon Bay

Dancing Tides

Lighthouse Reef

Starlight Dunes

Last Chance Harbor

Sea Glass Cottage

Lavender Beach

Sandcastles Under the Christmas Moon

Beneath Winter Sand

Pelican Pointe Boxed Set

The Indigo Brothers Trilogy

Indigo Fire

Indigo Heat

Indigo Justice

Indigo Brothers Trilogy Box Set

A Coyote Wells Mystery

Mystic Falls

Shadow Canyon

9 thoughts on “Vickie McKeehan’s official blog

  1. Just read The Bones of Others and I could not put it down!!!!! I absolutely loved it. I really hope you continue the whole Skye and Josh relationship. Geeks rule. 🙂

  2. I loved this book ( Promise Cove) . I hated that it ended all too soon. I will be looking forward to seeing your other books.

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