flu shots, Halloween, & teal pumpkins

Every fall I try to do the right thing and get a flu shot. Bad move! Twenty -four hours later, I broke out in hives—a reaction I’ve never had before—and for several days I was splotchy red, itching, and feverish. Not only that, the site of the shot still hurts like blazes. And it isn’t just me. My hubby, who never has a reaction to anything, also broke out in hives and experienced terrible arm pain. Which tells me something is really seriously jacked with this year’s vaccine.


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Anyhoo, after alternating between slathering aloe vera and cortisone cream on my arms and legs for several days, I’m now getting ready for Halloween, dragging out the witches and building my traditional hay bale stack with pumpkins for the front porch.

Which brings me to a question. Anyone out there know about teal pumpkins? I had never heard of them until last week. Yes, I know, I must’ve had my head buried in the sand. However, I prefer to think of it as having my head down, hard at work on my next story. But I digress.


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Displaying teal pumpkins on the porch means you’re offering non-food items in lieu of sugary candy or chocolate. Now even though this breaks this chocoholic’s little heart somewhat, when the doorbell rings Tuesday night, I’ll be offering trick-or-treaters, not one but two bowls. One with the tried and true assorted chocolate candy bars I love, AND another with trinkets I picked up at Target near the Halloween section. Corny stuff like plastic fangs, glow sticks, little plastic bracelets, costume necklaces, spider rings, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, Halloween erasers, mini notepads, and stickers. Cool huh? It’s not a bad plan trading orange for teal. If this chocolate lover can switch out Butterfingers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for a few  nontraditional giveaways that cut down on sugar, I’m all for it. And it  might actually be cheaper. Amazon offers a 100-piece toy assortment for only $18 bucks. Not a bad deal instead of buying bags and bags of sugar-laden candy.

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Whatever you decide, is okay by me. Here’s hoping you have a happy and safe Halloween!!! And if you must get a flu shot, ask them ahead of time if your arm might fall off before they stick that needle in you. I wish I had.



Halloween is Coming: Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus


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Halloween is Coming!! Night Chill A Supernatural Thriller by Jeff Gunhus   In the tradition of Stephen King and Dean Koontz – intended for mature audiences. Jack Tremont moves his family to the quiet mountains of Western Maryland hoping to leave behind … Continue reading

Halloween is Coming: The Red Door by E.H. James


Halloween is Coming, 2o days and counting!!

Today’s offering is The Red Door by E. H. James

The Red Door

by E. H. James

Red Door Poster


Max’s teenage life just got a whole lot scarier…

Max is your typical 16-year-old trying to navigate his way through yet another high school, in 1962. Unable to avoid the bullies that love to torment everyone in their sight, Max plays along. But when they demand he go into the abandoned Starke house at midnight, on the anniversary of the serial killer’s execution, Max is not overly anxious to comply. For it is said Starke reappears at the scene of the crime, back to where he buried all those boys in his basement. Given the task of returning with a chip of blood from the basement door, Max heads into the house, determined to make fools out of every one of them. For only a fool would believe in such nonsense…right?

Warning: This work contains a few disturbing scenes. Parental Guidance Suggested.

Find Books by E.H. James here


Halloween is Coming: Flesh by Dylan J. Morgan


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Halloween is Coming, 21 days and counting!! Today’s offering is Flesh by Dylan J. Morgan Flesh by Dylan J. Morgan   It feeds. It grows. The small town of Vacant harbors a secret so terrifying that the local lawmen will … Continue reading

Halloween is Coming: Verliege by Micheal Rivers

In keeping with the Halloween is Coming Theme, 23 days and counting, Romance, Suspense, & Chocolate is featuring books this month with a horror, ghost, or scary premise. Today’s feature is Verliege by Micheal Rivers.


by Micheal Rivers


Alicia was everything to Adrian Bolt; long overdue success finally afforded him the dream of taking her to Germany. They purchased Verliege Castle while vacationing. It was the perfect atmosphere for a writer. Their life took a new direction. A ghostly world lay in wait for anyone living within the walls of the castle; waiting, watching for eternity to keep the Mueller name upon its registers.

Verliege, a chilling paranormal and urban fantasy mystery, begins at Arlette Mansion in the mountains of West Virginia. Prisoner and author Adrian Bolt was transferred there accused of the horrific murder of his wife. She was found brutally murdered by an antique sword. His conviction by a German court was as swift as the sword that killed her. Adrian had not spoken since her death …until… Dr. James Pellitere was able to break his silence.

A deal was offered to Pellitere. Traveling to Germany with a paranormal investigative team they searched for evidence that would clear Adrian and prove him innocent. While at the castle, Pellitere is confronted by the supernatural residents. A battle begins over the secret of the 9 and a prophecy is in jeopardy of becoming unfulfilled.

Rabid Readers Reviews says – ” It’s complex and haunting calling forth the kind of psychological horror seen in such classic horror films as “The Uninvited” starring Ray Milland.”
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Halloween is Coming: ONE NIGHT by Malla Duncan

One Night

by Malla Duncan

One Night Malla Duncan

In keeping with the Halloween is Coming Theme, 25 days and counting, Romance, Suspense, & Chocolate is featuring books this month with a horror, ghost, or scary premise. Today’s feature is One Night, a full-length, high tension murder mystery, by author Malla Duncan

 What frightens you? Really?

Casey Blaydon is about to find out. Still smarting from the breakup with her boyfriend, she finds herself alone and looking after a friend’s dog for one night. But Barton cottage is lonely and nothing has prepared Casey for the events that are about to converge on her doorstep – events which unleash a terrifying mystery that follows her home like a shadow.

You can find One Night, and other books by Malla Duncan at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble

About Malla Duncan — Malla lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She writes contemporary psychological mystery suspense thrillers, comedy thrillers, fantasy for children and books aimed at African children (the Miki series) but suitable for all readers. Her background includes a BA in Psychology & Communications (UNISA), Business Management (IMM) and Counselling I (SA College of Applied Psychology). A 20-year career in copywriting in advertising sees her with a well-honed turn of phrase and a touch of madness. If you enjoy a mix of romance, murder, mystery and suspense, you will enjoy her thrillers.  You can catch Malla hanging out at her Blog or on Facebook. Stop by and get to know her.