spring into Pelican Pointe

While we wait for me to finish the 11th Pelican Pointe book, Keeping Cape Summer, I decided to freshen up the covers on all the books. This is where Vanessa Mendozzi comes in.

So far, Vanessa has revamped Promise Cove and Hidden Moon Bay. I’m loving the beachy, bright, summery look.Can’t wait to see what she has in store for the rest!

Thank you, Vanessa!

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there’s a place for quirky, odd things

Lots of brides get odd gifts before their big day. A weirdly carved decorative bowl. Funky art that looks like a fertility statue. Ugly kitchen towels with weird patterns. Then there are the usual mixers and toasters. One of the oddest things I ever got as a gift was a letterpress drawer. Some people call it a printer’s tray. Letterpress DrawerIt was so NOT what I expected that I wasn’t sure what to do with it. For years.

Turns out, they’re used to hold knickknacks or jewelry. Lots of trinkets. Lots of tiny, miniature stuff. All these years mine sat empty. It wasn’t until recently that I found a  website called The Spruce Company with all kinds of cool ideas for upcycling and decorating with letterpress drawers that I borrowed inspiration from them.

My printer’s tray is now the perfect catchall for holding all the sea glass and small shells I’ve collected over the years. There used to be a spot in Torrey Pines where the tide rushed in at an angle near the bridge. For years that was my best spot. It’s where I found a treasure trove of pale pink, a few dark blue pieces, nicely frosted glass, and a ton of green. Now that I have my drawer filled up, I might just make a tabletop out of it. Idea #7 from the link. Glass tabletop. With all my treasures. Check.