Let Go of Forever and Live for Now

A timely post from Dr. Luann Robinson Hull

What a Gem

Let Go of Forever & LIVE FOR NOW

“The only authentic responsibility is toward your own potential, your own intelligence and awareness-and to act accordingly… if you act according to your past, that is reaction… Response is moment to moment. It has nothing to do with memory, it has something to do with your awareness. You see the situation with clarity; you are clean, silent, serene. Out of this serenity, you act spontaneously. It is not reaction, it is action. You have never done it before. And the beauty of it is that it will suite the situation.” (Osho, 2003, p.32).

How can we give up our conditioned worries, fears and insecurities, while allowing ourselves to be with whatever is happening now? Staying focused more and more on this moment, instead of fretting over the past or worrying about the future, you will begin to notice some significant shifting in…

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