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GoT: Did Tyrion betray Dany?

As an ardent fan of Game of Thrones, last night’s episode pretty much went as we all expected without too many surprises. [SPOILERS ahead if you didn’t catch last night’s season finale.] But the show did manage to slip in a few things this fan didn’t see coming.

game of thrones

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For one, I read a few reviews that suggested Tyrion might be in love with Dany, hence his look of pure despair when Jon knocks on Dany’s cabin door on the ship and she lets him in. Jon’s not there to discuss war strategy, but to spend the night. Some see that as Tyrion’s heart simply breaking at the thought of Jon and Dany finally getting together. But I see something way different.

That wasn’t love I saw last night in Tyrion’s eyes. It was deep, gut-wrenching sadness. He’d just left King’s Landing after the big powwow with his sister Cersei. The writers want you to believe that Tyrion pulled off a miracle and somehow convinced the self-absorbed Cersei into doing what was right—sending troops North to help in the fight against the Army of the Dead.


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 While the scene between the two cut away just when Tyrion gets down to the nitty gritty of the negotiations, fans know Cersei never does the right thing. Not ever. More like, she guilted Tyrion into betraying Dany—enlisting Tyrion to play along by giving the impression that she’s helping out in the Great War. Tyrion is now a party to this illusion. He knows the truth. Cersei isn’t sending a single troop North. When Tyrion gets on that boat to go back to Dragonstone, he knows he’s betrayed Dany by letting Dany and Jon believe Lannister help is right behind them. But the Lannister army is staying put in King’s Landing, minus Jaime, of course. And did Tyrion tip Cersei off about Dany having only two dragons left? Cersei seemed to suspect this during her subsequent, and very threatening talk with Jaime later on. Which prompts this longtime fan to scream at her TV. “Oh, Tyrion, why’d you do it? Why’d you betray Dany for Cersei. Cersei isn’t worth that kind of loyalty. Didn’t Jaime discover that the hard way?”

All fans are aware of Dany’s prophecy, that she will be betrayed three times—once for blood, once for gold, and once for love. Fans already know the medicine woman Miri Maz Durr betrayed her when the priestess tried to bring Drogo back and it failed miserably. That was supposedly the blood betrayal. Then there’s Jorah Mormont, who betrayed her early in Season One for gold. Back then, Jorah was working for King Robert. His job was to make sure Daenerys died. The third betrayal hasn’t happened yet. For that major plot point the writers want you to wait for Season Eight. But since watching last night’s episode, that betrayal for love seems to be all on Tyrion now. For some reason he feels guilty that Cersei’s children have all died. She’s somehow managed to convince him it’s all his fault. Deep down Tyrion loves his family and hated the way Dany ended up scorching the Lannister army like she did. It seems to be a sticking point with him that he’s unable to let go. So, that brings us full circle, back to the scene where he’s discussing the fact that Dany can’t have children. Maybe it’s a foreshadow. Tyrion is suddenly having major second thoughts—about loyalty, about the side he’s chosen, and the future of the Iron Throne.

I don’t want to believe it, but there’s no other reason I can think of for Tyrion to let Dany and Jon believe he’s fixed their Cersei problem unless he’s part of the ruse.  At best, Season Eight is a year away from wrapping all this up, maybe even longer. That’s a very long time to wait and stew about why Tyrion let Dany believe help is coming when it isn’t. Game of Thrones has its secrets and this just might be one of them. Et tu, Brute? Et tu?


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summer lavender

Does anything smell better than a summer stroll through lavender? It’s taken a learning curve for me to grow it—bright sunlight and the right kind of soil. It likes its own space, Lavenderdoesn’t like to be crowded into a pot or a flower bed. I guess you could say it doesn’t like to share. But what I’ve discovered is to prune, prune, prune. Deadhead all the brown stuff and do it quickly, otherwise the part that’s just bloomed and wilted will take over your entire plant(s). As for the soil, I was told to add in limestone or sand to let it drain, drain, drain. So don’t spend years making the same mistakes I made. With a little research you can come up with the right mix to grow lavender. Just remember it doesn’t like to be neglected. But when it blooms, the fragrance is well worth the fuss. And you can’t beat the purple color that invariably brightens up a spot where white daisies and hydrangeas thrive. If you’re hesitant to grow lavender, take the plunge. What used to be a failure in the garden, is now a summer staple for me. I love the aroma. For that alone, I make the extra effort.

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summer + nature = redwoods


No one has ever successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree. The feeling they produce is not transferable. From them comes silence and awe.

~ John Steinbeck

Summer along the California coast is inspirational, nothing more so than the Redwood National Forest, enjoying it so much I’m making it a feature in the next series.

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Mom: the root of me

Yep, I know this post is way past due for Mother’s Day. That’s probably because I didn’t write it for that reason. This is about the woman that shaped who I am, both good and bad. During my mom’s lifetime she’d be the first to admit that she lived an unconventional life. Oh, she did the usual things, like staying at home and raising three kids  But after us kids became a certain age, she also went to work, going a little wild out there enjoying her newfound freedom from the drudgery of what she’d known.

Mom was a complicated sort of woman, but then aren’t we all in some way? Truly. Don’t we all have layered sides to each of us? Maybe a secret or two hiding within us that we don’t want to share with anyone else? That was my mom. To say my mother had secrets Momwas an understatement. And if you keep reading you won’t find them out from me. Sorry. But I’m no snitch. If I’m anything at all, I’m loyal. Even her death will never drag them out of me. Besides, that’s not what this post is about either.

Many these days might consider my mom to have been on the quirky side. But that word quirky doesn’t quite cover who she truly was or the secrets she kept, even from my dad, certainly from us kids. Not by any stretch.

But upon meeting Mom something usually kicked in, people knew almost immediately she was different. At least that’s the way it was for me. After my older brother and sister would head off to school, it was just me and Mom left to our own devices back at home. One of my earliest memories was her ability to tell a story. She believed wholeheartedly in anything paranormal: psychic visions, ghostly apparitions, spirtiwalkers, ESP, you name it. If it was different, Mom was broad-minded enough to give it a chance. She made new friends, some white, some black, at a time when it was unconventional to widen your circle of acquaintances. And since she didn’t have a racist bone in her body, it seemed natural for Mom to include everyone. Let’s just say she was tolerant at a time when more people needed to be.

But again, she wasn’t perfect.

She could tell the most fascinating stories about things that happened to her growing up. Coincidentally they all included just the right amount of the paranormal. I grew up listening and believing. Engaged. Enjoying a good story. And before you go judging her, all the psychic phenomenon she  added to her life, didn’t replace her religious upbringing. She was a staunch Baptist to the day she died.

But her quirky side sometimes prevailed through the stories she told: Wild characters who had near-brushes with death, ghosts who moved things around, ghosts who guided people’s decisions, shadowy figures who walked the forest at night helping travelers get home safely. There were hundreds of tales like this and she made them all so entertaining to the child who held on to her every word from the beginning of a story right through to its ending. And then sad when the tale was over.

So to my mother, wherever you are, your quirkiness is the light that guides me on my writing path. Your being different paid off. For those who don’t believe in the paranormal, that’s fine. But you’re missing a facet of life that holds its entertaining moments closest to the heart. The heart of a story that says, close your eyes, use your imagination to conjure up the possibilities that just might be waiting around that bend up ahead in the road. It’s okay to be different. Imagine different every time.


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Evil Secrets Trilogy: Boxed Set

Evil Secrets Trilogy: New Covers

Among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, three friends grow up together in Beverly Hills haunted by the dark clouds of murder, drugs, and abuse. When a stranger shows up, bent on revenge, his presence unravels an evil backstory that goes back forty years. When a double murder comes to light, it threatens a legal dynasty. Secrets long buried must stay hidden, or else the lies exposed could bring down the very foundation of what everyone thought was real.
Evil Secrets white copy


Forced to delve into her mother’s dark past, Kit Griffin must rely on an old family friend, Jake Boston, for help. They’ll uncover a forty-year-old double murder that leads directly to the door of a legal dynasty. They’ll soon find out just how far the heirs will go to keep the past buried, and eliminate all the loose ends to protect their empire, loose ends that include getting rid of them.


Baylee is the daughter of renowned director William Scott and actress Sarah Moreland. She’s worked to put her father’s abusive alcoholic outbursts behind her and overcome her mother’s abandonment. But her world is about to collide with the man she’s been hiding from for almost a year, a man from one of the most powerful legal dynasties in California. To survive, she’ll have to rely on Dylan Burke for help. But Dylan has no idea what he’s walking into when he delves into William Scott’s past, a past that hides a twenty-two-year-old murder and answers the puzzling disappearance of Baylee’s mother.


Quinn Tyler, the castoff daughter of a rock star and an artist, has overcome her grim childhood to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. But when Cade Boyd ramps up his efforts to make Quinn pay for the past, she’ll have to turn to Reese Brennan for help. In turn, Reese and Quinn will do anything to crush what’s left of a legal dynasty. They’ll cross the line. They’ll break the law. They’ll take extreme measures to put an end to the evil, now and forever.


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#5 Skye Cree: Truth in the Bones

Skye Cree is after a madman like no other. He’s cunning, smart, dangerous, a serial killer who preys on entire families. He’s gone undetected for five years until an analytical nerd stumbles on a pattern of murders across the U.S. with no apparent connections.

Slowly Skye begins to connect the dots. But with lives at stake, will she be able to figure out the link in time to catch this psychopath before he adds more victims to his tally? Or will she get outfoxed and jeopardize everything she loves one last time? Everything hinges on trying to end the reign of a serial killer who has nothing to lose. Will Skye take him down and find justice for the families or has she met her match?



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Skye Cree joins the ranks of Audiobooks

Teri Schnaubelt brings to life Skye Cree in The Bones of Others now out in Audio at Tantor Media and Amazon.


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