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Three years ago, it was a beautiful March Saturday in New Glarus, Wisconsin. The sun was out. The day, a crisp cool prelude to spring. Divorced mom Marley Lennox wanted nothing more than to spend time with her two kids at the family farm, a peaceful setting outside of town. They’d all been looking forward to helping tend to the newborn calf and spending a quiet weekend in the countryside.

But then the shooter showed up, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. The massacre lasted less than ten minutes, but the damage had been done. Marley’s entire family had been wiped out, gone forever.

Shaken, and suffering from survivor’s guilt, Marley’s life is spiraling downward. After three years of trying to leave the past behind, she realizes she needs to get out of Wisconsin and start over, otherwise she’ll go mad. But where does she go? She decides she needs an adventure, a road trip to get her head on straight and give her time to think about her next step.

When a car accident lands her in Pelican Pointe, she’s forced to stay until she’s healed. But after meeting her doctor, Gideon Nighthawk, things start happening fast, feelings  surface that she never expected to feel again, feelings she thought were gone for good. But is she really ready to start her life over? Or will she forever live in the shadow of  guilt?  Will Gideon be enough to help her turn her life around? Or will she always feel trapped in a never-ending circle filled with grief and anger?

Pelican Pointe announcement

Coming this summer

Lavender Beach!!!

As promised, I know you’ve all been patient for news about the next book in the Pelican Pointe series. I’m happy to announce that I’ve decided to pair Cooper Richmond, the owner of Layne’s Trains—who has such a sad backstory—with a newcomer in town called Eastlyn Parker. Eastlyn is dealing with her own pain and anguish from a tragic incident. (What kind of incident I’m leaving that as part of the mystery until the release)

In my heart I believe you’ll all love Eastlyn as much as I’m loving her. I think you’ll like digging deeper into the two tortured souls, Cooper and Eastlyn, who have, so far in life, resisted reaching out toward any lasting happiness at all. In fact, neither one thinks they’re worth loving. They really don’t  consider themselves candidates for any real chance at love. And that I find heartbreaking.

As always, I’m leaving out a lot of detail. 🙂 Sorry about that.

The characters are pretty much carved out by now and the manuscript is coming along nicely. I’m shooting for a release date for sometime in July. My cover artist Jess Johnson has finished the cover.

So as you can tell I have a lot to do until then. I’m sorry I’m not out on the blog much or on Facebook but I’m happier at my desk, cranking out a story. My world of writing is about as exciting as my life ever gets. So it looks like I need to get back to work. 🙂

As always, happy reading to you all!!


Halloween is Coming: The Red Door by E.H. James


Halloween is Coming, 2o days and counting!!

Today’s offering is The Red Door by E. H. James

The Red Door

by E. H. James

Red Door Poster


Max’s teenage life just got a whole lot scarier…

Max is your typical 16-year-old trying to navigate his way through yet another high school, in 1962. Unable to avoid the bullies that love to torment everyone in their sight, Max plays along. But when they demand he go into the abandoned Starke house at midnight, on the anniversary of the serial killer’s execution, Max is not overly anxious to comply. For it is said Starke reappears at the scene of the crime, back to where he buried all those boys in his basement. Given the task of returning with a chip of blood from the basement door, Max heads into the house, determined to make fools out of every one of them. For only a fool would believe in such nonsense…right?

Warning: This work contains a few disturbing scenes. Parental Guidance Suggested.

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Halloween is Coming: ONE NIGHT by Malla Duncan

One Night

by Malla Duncan

One Night Malla Duncan

In keeping with the Halloween is Coming Theme, 25 days and counting, Romance, Suspense, & Chocolate is featuring books this month with a horror, ghost, or scary premise. Today’s feature is One Night, a full-length, high tension murder mystery, by author Malla Duncan

 What frightens you? Really?

Casey Blaydon is about to find out. Still smarting from the breakup with her boyfriend, she finds herself alone and looking after a friend’s dog for one night. But Barton cottage is lonely and nothing has prepared Casey for the events that are about to converge on her doorstep – events which unleash a terrifying mystery that follows her home like a shadow.

You can find One Night, and other books by Malla Duncan at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble

About Malla Duncan — Malla lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She writes contemporary psychological mystery suspense thrillers, comedy thrillers, fantasy for children and books aimed at African children (the Miki series) but suitable for all readers. Her background includes a BA in Psychology & Communications (UNISA), Business Management (IMM) and Counselling I (SA College of Applied Psychology). A 20-year career in copywriting in advertising sees her with a well-honed turn of phrase and a touch of madness. If you enjoy a mix of romance, murder, mystery and suspense, you will enjoy her thrillers.  You can catch Malla hanging out at her Blog or on Facebook. Stop by and get to know her.