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Three years ago, it was a beautiful March Saturday in New Glarus, Wisconsin. The sun was out. The day, a crisp cool prelude to spring. Divorced mom Marley Lennox wanted nothing more than to spend time with her two kids at the family farm, a peaceful setting outside of town. They’d all been looking forward to helping tend to the newborn calf and spending a quiet weekend in the countryside.

But then the shooter showed up, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. The massacre lasted less than ten minutes, but the damage had been done. Marley’s entire family had been wiped out, gone forever.

Shaken, and suffering from survivor’s guilt, Marley’s life is spiraling downward. After three years of trying to leave the past behind, she realizes she needs to get out of Wisconsin and start over, otherwise she’ll go mad. But where does she go? She decides she needs an adventure, a road trip to get her head on straight and give her time to think about her next step.

When a car accident lands her in Pelican Pointe, she’s forced to stay until she’s healed. But after meeting her doctor, Gideon Nighthawk, things start happening fast, feelings  surface that she never expected to feel again, feelings she thought were gone for good. But is she really ready to start her life over? Or will she forever live in the shadow of  guilt?  Will Gideon be enough to help her turn her life around? Or will she always feel trapped in a never-ending circle filled with grief and anger?

Coyote Wells Mystery series delivers for fans of the genre

Murder with a side of chocolate.

The 2nd book, Shadow Canyon, keeps readers coming back to Coyote Wells.

Look for it February 27th

Murder with a side of chocolate

Exhausted after the Sun Bringer Festival, Gemma Channing and her ex, Lando Bonner, are hanging out at the beach, trying to recover from the three-day event when her longtime nemesis is found dead on the dunes. As rumors grow about Mallory’s demise, many in Coyote Wells feel like Gemma is responsible.

Determined to find out who did it, Gemma goes into overdrive to find the real killer. With the help of Lando and her friends, they dig deeper into Mallory’s past, hoping to uncover all of her secrets. But they get more than they bargained for when the tables turn. The new theory brings a longtime mystery to the forefront, one that’s been hanging around for three decades…unsolved. What does it mean for the people in Coyote Wells when the secret’s uncovered? And will Gemma be able to figure things out before anyone else dies?

Lavender Beach is here!

Lavender Beach

Lavender Beach

There is courage in each step, no matter how small

After losing her leg in Iraq it’s been an uphill battle for Eastlyn Parker. When Nick and Cord decide to confront her in Bakersfield, the ex-helicopter pilot reluctantly agrees that starting over in Pelican Pointe might be the only option for her. It won’t be easy though. She has addiction problems that go beyond her low self-esteem.

After a long absence, Cooper Richmond has come back to his childhood home. In an attempt to escape his own painful memories, he’s traveled the world over as a photographer. But no matter where he goes, he’s locked in an emotional void. His approach to life is merely to get along. He does that with his books and his train store.

But when Eastlyn walks into Cooper’s shop, their brief encounter blossoms into attraction. Both are cautious. Both have trust issues. But if these two have the courage to leave behind their baggage once and for all, and set their sights on the future, there may still be hope for a happy ending.

Skye Cree is back!

Now on Sale!

His Garden of BonesHGoB_cover_draft3

Not every flower is grown with love.

Years earlier, teenage girls began to vanish off the streets of Seattle. Now, they’re turning up dead, their mutilated bodies left in prominent locations around the city. Skye Cree suspects there are more. But connecting the sordid crimes will take dedication and skill on the part of her entire team, especially when the killer begins to morph into someone else. Will the hunter be able to stop a psychotic and cruel killer in time to save other victims from the same disturbing fate? Or will the killer find a way to outsmart Skye?

Writing: a slow process

 Slow and steady

George RR Martin @GeorgeRRMartin_  ·  15h 15 hours ago 

Harper Lee is going to publish a sequel after 55 years…

and you people think I write slow.

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I found this tweet funnier than anything I’ve seen in a long time. Of course, the original tweeter was George R.R. Martin’s parody account. But I found it hilarious that the real George was one of the thousands who retweeted it. Which shows it pays to have a sense of humor. It seems everyone wants George (the real George) to write his Game of Thrones books faster so that the HBO series won’t run out of material. “Write Faster George” has been a mantra all over the Internet for almost 18 months.

If you’re a writer, whether you write a novel or a blog, if you attempt to set down your thoughts for all to see, you know the feeling of staring at that empty, blank screen and waiting for inspiration. You’re also familiar with the panic that ensues when nothing comes to mind. Nothing. Some people often refer to this phenomenon as “writer’s block.” I don’t believe George suffers from writer’s block at all.

Simply put. Writing takes time. Even when it’s George Martin.


When there’s only one person doing the writing it takes months sometimes years to produce a book.

My process is not that difficult. I outline my work ahead of time, plan on what to release and pick a month I want the book to come out. I try to stick with the plan. Because of that it seems like readers have the impression that I can write a book in three months or less. My process isn’t a writing contest like NaNoWriMo. For all those writers who are able to write a novel in a month, my hat is off to you. Way to go! But it doesn’t hold true for me. From outline to release date it takes me at least a year to write  a book.

If I were a writing machine like, say, James Patterson, I could put out tons of  books a year.  But I’m not. I’m just me. And I sympathize with George R.R. Martin who everyone wants to write faster. Books take time.

So I say, George, keep up the good work and take however long you need.

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