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#5 Skye Cree: Truth in the Bones

Skye Cree is after a madman like no other. He’s cunning, smart, dangerous, a serial killer who preys on entire families. He’s gone undetected for five years until an analytical nerd stumbles on a pattern of murders across the U.S. … Continue reading

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Solution to California’s drought?

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. ~ W. H. Auden In case you haven’t heard, California has a water problem. Under dire drought conditions the state is slowly turning brown.  The state’s best hope for a drought-proof water … Continue reading

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Hello Mac

  Mac is all very cool with its magic and whistles Like Time Machines, Air-Drops, and iCloud missives. The keyboard is different, it’s all a bit strange But putting up with Windows it’s time for a change.   Windows 7 is ancient history and caused … Continue reading

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Wise up, stalking is a crime

 Stalking and using technology to do it If a narcissist refuses to accept a breakup, chances are they won’t admit that their acts of following you, calling, emailing and texting you non-stop, classify them as stalkers. In order to write fiction, it takes research. Research yields … Continue reading

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