Book Cover Contest at AUTHORSdB


A cool thing happened today.

I got listed at AUTHORSdB which meant my Pelican Pointe book covers designed by David C. Cassidy, are eligible for their Book Cover Contest.

So if you have a minute, take the time to cast your vote for either:




Four New PP Covers

The maximum was three covers. That’s why DANCING TIDES isn’t listed.

18 thoughts on “Book Cover Contest at AUTHORSdB

      • I have no life since my niece moved in. I now play chauffer to two teen girls. Oh Joy! I’ve been sneaking in and out of FB. I’d love for you to interview me. Loving your blog too. Trying to catch up on it all. Hope all is well.

      • LOL Sneaking in and out of FB? Too funny! Will it get better when summer comes and they’re out of school or worse? Okay. I’ll msg you some Qs thru FB. How’s that? There’s no rush. Get to them when you can. 🙂

  1. That is wonderful Vickie. I am so happy for you. I voted for Promise Cove. Something about it that I really love. All are beautiful though and it was a tough one to pick. 🙂

    • It’s a bit quirky, Helle. If you get the 403 error, on the left side there is a menu of sorts. Look for book covers. Click on that. Then all the different categories of books. Go to romance. Then go to the very last page of romance. Scroll down. The last three are mine. Hope this helps. Thanks so much for even trying to vote. 🙂 YOU rock!!

  2. Hi Vickie. I just voted. As far as the other author covers, I thought yours knocked them off the list. It was a tough choice between Promise Cove and Lighthouse Reef, but in the end, I had to choose Promise Cove. It embodies everything I would want to see when I go to the beach with my book and cocktail to relax and watch the sunset. ^_^ I have the older cover on the version I am reading right now. Am loving me some Promise Cover.

    I see you are recruiting authors for interviews. I look forward to learning more about them. Have a super weekend and good luck with the covers.

    • I know, Sherry. David did a fantastic job with the entire series. You know you can get the cover updated, don’t you? I put a post about this up on my FB wall on my author page. Here’s what I posted:

      First, go to Amazon.
      Under your account tab, go to manage your Kindle.
      Under manage your Kindle you’ll see all the books that’s on your App or Device. Across from the book you want to update on the right side will be ACTIONS.
      Under ACTIONS should be an UPDATE tab.
      If there is NO update tab, this is a KNOWN glitch with Amazon. You will have to call Amazon Support and have them manually force the update. But they will do this for you and should do it with no problem.

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