To all my blog followers, thank you!

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Today: a milestone

Somewhere over the last week I reached a milestone in followers and it’s a huge event for me. I’ve had this 1 Thank youblog for a short two years and getting so many followers is a very big deal. I admit I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the arena. Once I mastered the concept that someone might actually be interested in anything I had to say or share, it went a lot smoother during those first early weeks when I was still getting my bearings and doing my best to learn about WordPress. Back then, I had to sometimes be reminded that I even had a blog. But now I feel this is the perfect place where I post what I want, come here to be me and sound off occasionally when the mood warrants. Blog experts say you should stick to one topic, but, as you can tell from reading a string of my posts for the past two years, I’m all over the place. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like many things in life, it would get pretty boring real fast if all I did was post about my books over and over again or anyone else’s for that matter. In the past I’ve tried to use  this blog to help as many authors as I can connect with readers but since the authors usually never show up again here, that idea seems to have fizzled. There are notable exceptions to that: Writers Marilyn Holdsworth,  Malla Duncan, and Helle Gade have been extremely supportive over the years. For that, I am truly honored to call them friends. I posted the links to their respective blogs if you want to check them out.

Keeping that in mind, today is all about gratitudeTo all of you who hit that “follow” button up at the top—either last week or two years ago—I shout out a great big THANK YOU!!  Since I never thought I’d get even fifty followers, I’m blown away by so much support!!! Thanks for returning again and again to check out my posts.

You are appreciated! Weekend HUGS to you all!


4 thoughts on “To all my blog followers, thank you!

  1. Admire your tenacity with both blogging and writing! So difficult to do both. I’m a very poor blogger – and also follow very few blogs because of time constraints – but I really enjoy following yours. Thank you.

    • Hi Malla,
      It does take extra time away from a manuscript but I find I like my blog more and more with each passing day and therefore try to carve out the bit of extra it takes to post. 🙂

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